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FIRE Fascination, Firework and Festival
From a pagan origins to modern day Hallowe'en and Bonfire Night


FIRE is a celebration of a time of the year, a lost way of life, and our lasting fascination for fireworks and flame.

The human fascination with fire is ancient and instinctive.  It has shaped our society and influenced our beliefs for countless generations. Across the world, and throughout history, fire has played a vital and vivid roll in folklores, myths and yearly rituals. 

FIRE explores how an ancient Pagan festival has given rise to Halloween and Bonfire Night, two of our most evocative and lasting celebrations. The book looks at gunpowder, and how it helped shape the surface of our planet as well as give us the mesmerising world of pyrotechnics. It looks too at how history has taken Guy Fawkes from being a hated villain to being the icon of the digital age and the grinning face of Firework Night. Remembered too are the companies of a lost industry that once made November their own.

A limited edition print version will be available from October 2013.
Ppaperback version
112 pages
290 illustrations.