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Firework Art
A celebration of fireworks, through their labels and posters


A stunning photographic collection revealing the evocative art of 20th Century British fireworks

When the British firework industry faded in the late 1980’s it took with it one of the most fondly remembered and imaginative forms of retail art ever to grace the small shops of these isles.  The firework labels, their boxes and the posters that drew children to them like vivid magnets, faded from our high streets and corner shops just like the smoke from the fireworks they once proclaimed.

During the Twentieth Century, millions of British people celebrated the Fifth of November using shop bought fireworks.  Purchased from their local newsagents, toyshops and small corner shops, these colourful little tubes gave immense pleasure to generations of children and seared themselves both into the yearly cycle of events and into the long term memory of those who waited for their return, to the shops, each autumn.  Looking into the glass cabinets, filled with all those colourful tubes, pinwheels, bangers and rockets, sparked the limitless imagination of millions of children and many an adult too.

208 pages, 235 full colour images

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